Thursday, August 28, 2008

A child’s puzzling uniqueness

So I am killing three birds with this ATC.

Alpha Stamps Yahoo group does a bi-monthly Lot-o-rama with ATC's. The person who wins the ATC the previous time gets to select a theme and this time it is "Unique" I had a very hard time with that b/c I just couldn't think of what made something Unique.

here is what I came up with.

1. Handwriting, each person's handwriting is different. So on the base of the ATC there is handwritten script, I know it is hard to see but I promise, it is there.

2. Puzzle pieces are each cut in a unique way, I am sure that there are tons that are the same but to me they each look different. Over at This Thursday, they have asked us to use Puzzle pieces in are work. So this worked perfectly for me.

3. No one is more unique to me right now than my little girl. But I imagine that all mother's feel that way so children overall have to be the most unique of individuals out there. They have not been molded by society yet and are free to be themselves. One Powerful Hour asked us to use children and things that remind us of childhood in our art this week.

4. And lastly I thought of sand. For some reason I can hear in my mind a saying that goes something like this "each grain of sand is unique" I could be totally wrong but hey it works. But instead of using sand I decided to use Glitter...after all they seem the same to me...both grainy but glitter is just such a happier color.

The background papers that I covered the puzzle pieces with are cut out of a brown paper bag that I had layed some fabric strips on to dry after dying them. There is no way I would ever obtain that pattern again so they are unique. And the background that everything is built on was made using Tim Holtz distressing inks. I am sure no matter how hard I tried I could never perfectly reproduce that either.

So in my extremely long winded explanation...everything on this ATC in my opinion is "Unique"

I hope you enjoy!


Rosie said...

Very logical to my mind! I really love your take on the challenge! It's a really fun ATC!

Kersten said...

So very creative - I love how you pulled in all the angles to many challenges and created a single piece. Love the glitteries!

RubyMay said...

What a fun it !

Susie said...

I have to agree with Ruby, this is such a fun piece!

Lottie said...

Wonderful Caro - totally unique

Barbara Hagerty said...

I LOVE clowns, and I LOVE glitter, so you know that I LOVE this!! Great puzzle piece!!

The Paris Salon said...

Beautiful ATC and a great take on puzzling this out!! Wonderful colors here.

joanne wardle said...

lots of fun, great how you made it for lots of challenges

Rachel said...

Great card! I especially like the colors of glitter and the puzzle pieces.

joanne wardle said...

Hi I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely comment on my blog about my princess tag. I would like to send it to you, you can email me through the profile on my blog (I couldn't find a contact email on your blog)
just let me have your address and I'll post it to you.
after such a lovely comment I really think you should have it.

(otherwise loads of people on zuzu's forum have my email address you could get it from one of them)

Dawn said...

I love the puzzle pieces and shimmer. Very creative!

Elisabeth said...

Loving the glitter and the colors! I've left you something on my blog. =)