Saturday, August 23, 2008

Design Team Pieces

Well, I finally finished two more pieces for Repeat Impressions. I had another one up my sleeve but no matter what I did I could not get it to work out...sometimes art just does not cooperate :)

The "I Must Be Queen" piece is a square card, I have a set of 6 on sale in my etsy shop. I started by stamping Etta with dark brown ink on a tan sheet of cardstock. Then in a lighter shade I stamped the crown and added some more depth by stippling gold using a circular (beehive) stencil.

This is mounted an a green sheet of cardstock that I stamped random splotches all over in the dark brown ink.

I mounted both layers onto a pink cardstock sheet. I also used this pink to stamp the phrase "I must be queen..." on and cut out to mount on the first panel.

For this piece I used one of the Gothic Arch templates provided on the Gothic Arch challenge page. Please see my sidebar for the address.

I stamped the goddess on a separate sheet of cardstock and colored her with colored pencils. I then cut her out and attached a set of wings from a collage sheet.

To make the trellis I cut another Gothic arch and stamped the flowering vine all along the edge. I then went in and cut out the center trimming closely to the flowers. I colored them with colored pencils.

All of this is mounted onto a background sheet that has similar shades of flowers all over it.

Hope you enjoy my pieces, I had a great time making them.

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Annapurna said...

Lovely pieces Caroline. Especially like the one with the butterfly winged lady. Great job cutting out all the details and adding them on.