Monday, February 25, 2008

Africa's Dangerous Days

Wow…what a wonderful Think Monday – Think ATC theme to come back from the sick bed to. I didn’t think I would have the energy to think about a design more or less actually complete an ATC…but I guess even the Flu can’t get the addicted down LOL

Anyway…the theme for Think Monday – Think ATC is… Although we didn’t have a real winter, I’m kind of always freezing. This is probably why I chose a theme associated with heat this time *gggggg* This week is all about the African continent. Whether the landscape, animals, human beings, or any idea you come up with. We’re already looking forward to see your ATCs!!

A few months ago I ordered some Collage images from Altered Pages among them was the image with the pyramids. When I opened the package that the collage sheet came in I also received some book pages…one of them had the title of “Dangerous Day’s” which to me seemed perfect with the theme.

When I was playing around with last weeks Theme Thursday I did some stenciling on a bright yellow fabric…When I saw it laying there I thought it was just right for today’s ATC. I spray glued it to a heavy piece of cardstock and continued layering from there.

I stamped the queenly image on transparency film and highlighted it with red and jade markers. The tag is alcohol inks mixed together with hieroglyphics stamped on top. Then transparent letters added. I wanted raffia for the ribbon but I was all out, this green ribbon was at the bottom of a “to be cleaned up” pile…now I don’t have to clean it up LOL.

I hope you enjoy!
I welcome all comments, be them critical or praise.


vintage wil said...

Beautiful atc !!!

jocelyne said...

Beautiful !

Anonymous said...

Really a wonderful ATC.

Anonymous said...

Looks rgeat.

Anonymous said...

Pretty ATC!

Barbara said...


Linda said...

Gorgeous card...I love that stamp!

Paula said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.
Great ATC.

Anna Jones said...

Dumb question, what do you do with the ATCs?

manus said...

Wonderful ATC! I like the combination of the images!
Get well soon!!!

Yitte said...

Very Beautiful!!

Beth said...

Beautiful image, I like the idea of using ribbon like this xx