Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nichola's Artist Chat & Reproduction Challenge

Do you want to learn how to make these super cute Fairy Specimen's from the Amazing Nichola?  There is just one catch, you have to be a member of the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group.  But have no fear it only takes a second to join, click the above link and select join, then leave us a little message and voila you will be a member.  Hurry, this event takes place this weekend, April 28th at 4pm EST. 

Reproduction Chat & Challenge

Hey Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group members come learn how the Nifty Nichola created these darling miniature fairy houses. Then take a stab at creating one yourself for a chance to win Nichola's art.

Chat will start at 4pm on April 28th and last until we are done. Log onto the chat by going to the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group homepage, scroll down until you see chat on the left hand column (it is the very last option) and click to join. 

So sit down with your favorite beverage, maybe a cat in lap or dog at foot, and get your first ever free art lesson/chat from Alpha Stamps.  

Artwork for this challenge should be uploaded into the Nichola Reproduction folder and is due May 19th. Winner will be announced shortly thereafter. Good luck and can't wait to chat.

Below are pictures of the prize Nichola is offering for the best Reproduction piece submitted. 

Isn't that an amazing assortment and art goodies!  Hope you will join us!

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Creative Wings Boutique said...

now those minis r amazing... alpha stamps sounds like an amazing group. hugs tabitha