Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Love Letter ~ A COF Journal

Somehow in all the hubub that has been going on I neglected to share the entry I created for Sandi's Round Robin Journal. 

Sandi asked us to write a letter to someone, anyone and create an envelope.  This journal showed up shortly after my grandmother passed away and it was very hard for me to even look at it because many of the entries were to deceased family members.  On top of that I am not an overly affectionate person and sharing feelings is difficult for me.

After a while of trying to ignore the journal I finally came up with an idea, which I must admit was inspired because it was Valentines day.  I decided to write my family, hubby and two little ones valentines. 

I tried to make the envelope match as best I could. 

And here are the pages side by side.  I am very pleased with the result and that I deviated from what had been done thus far.  I hope Sandi enjoys it!


Sandi said...

Looks like perfection to me! I am always blown away by those who can put their feelings "out there".

Sandi with an i said...

I absolutelyLOVE what you did Caroline! You always do fabulous work! When does the next round begin?