Monday, June 13, 2011

Treasures of the Sea Matchbox

I recently took part in a Treasures of the Sea Mini Matchbox Swap hosted by Vintage Dragonfly. A few weeks prior to her announcing the Ocean theme she posted images from Things With Wings Swap, which was a matchbox swap also. I was so thrilled with the opportunity to take part in another matchbox swap, especially one with one of my favorite themes, that I neglected to read the instructions. Opps...

So I was supposed to create a mini matchbox and fill it with goodies or create a scene inside. But as you see I created a large matchbox. When I discovered my mistake I was so mad at myself but I got over it fairly quickly because I love what I created and knew my partner would also.

I used some of the fabulous mermaid themed collage sheets from Alpha Stamps for all my collage images, fibers, German scrap and a number of the extras, like the little clear balls that look like bubbles. The sea horse is a stamped image from Oxford Impressions that I covered with diamond glaze. The coral is cut from a sea themed post card and I covered it with crackle diamond glaze, it gives it a real life effect that doesn't show well in the photo's.

When I went to fill the matchbox I remembered that my MAMA group had put mini matchboxes inside the larger ones. I had a sea themed mini matchbox that I made a while ago so I pulled that down. The funny thing is that it would have worked for the swap all on it's own but I didn't think it would be fair to send something that I created a long time ago.

I altered it a little. Added a transparency film behind the opening I had cut to show off the inside, so that I could fill it with pearls.

When I uploaded pictures to the group I only showed this piece, didn't want to draw attention to the fact that I was incapable of following instructions.

For the side of the large matchbox, the portion that pulls out, I affixed a piece of coordinating paper (I used this on the sides of the matchbox also) added a bit of glitter and created some more of the coral bits that I used on the top of the box.

The mermaid I created by making a mold of a lovely brass charm I have, making the mold and then painting her with a fabulous shimmery paint that sometimes looks blue and sometimes green.

As a final touch on the sides I added a real shell (also got these from Alpha Stamps).

I absolutely love the sides of this box. I used the same decorative paper as I did on the short sides and added glitter along with the German Scrap fish (which I toned down the blue shine on by brushing them with alcohol ink) and adding some fibers.

The matchbox is glued to a piece of foam core that is slightly larger than the box. I painted it the same color as the mermaid and then distressed some crepe paper (which of course I added glitter to) and crinkled it. Attaching it where the seam is and hiding the wrinkle with stones.

Along the edge I affixed river pebbles, pearls, some real sea shells and filled it in with sand.

The entire thing sits on top of some flat marbles.

I had a great time creating this piece and can't wait to take part in more swaps hosted by Vintage Dragonfly.

Make sure you check out my Mega Moving Giveaway in the post below and tomorrow I will be joining the Bloggeret sisters for a tour or our gardens.

Hope you all have a Great Monday!


Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

O-M-G! Where can I start? This is uber fabulous. Mad-chemist-in-the-laboratory over the top fabulous.

Shabbylishious said...

Hi Caroline!
Oh my! What treasures you create. I am stunned. Love that little matchbox. Best make over of a matchbox I have seen. And the box withthe pearls and the roses. I have a box that is perfect for such a prodject. You know I love roses, seambinding and pearls. Wonderfuuuul.
Thank you for entering my give away. Thave a wonderful day.
xo Lineca-Norway.

Terri said...

Caroline, your matchbox is so gorgeous, it is almost delicious! I love all your embellishments, the tiny stones, shells, the fish...everything....all exquisite!
I am sure your partner didn't mind at all that it was a different size.

Susan said...

Caroline this an awesome creation, but you confuse me a bit by showing the bottom with the mermaid on it, and then you say the bottom is attached to foamboard. I know I must be misunderstanding somewhere along the line, but it doesn't matter. what matters is that it is GORGEOUS!!