Saturday, April 3, 2010

One Wild Ride…or shall I say one wild slippery space???

This is book 2 (of currently 4) and I felt at the start that I had taken too much of a break between reading Gabriel’s Ghost and Shades of Dark. I had forgotten what many of the “made up” terms were and some of the characters, only briefly referred to in Gabriel’s Ghost were key players (behind the scenes) in this book. That being said, I loath books that hit you over the head fifty billion times with what happened previously. And after reading a bit I caught back on…however I think this may have contributed to the book not grabbing me right away.

The love story is dark, and I am not use to reading dark love stories…but it is exactly what needed to happen and I can’t wait to see what is next for Chaz and Sully. The main reason this story line is dark is due to what Sully is, a Kyi, which he does not fully understand. This causes him to make a few mistakes with Chaz and other characters while he is trying to “find himself”.

The character development continues to grow from the first book and I find that I like other characters more and more. As for the last 50 pages, I could not put the book down! Talk about an exciting ending.

And I highly recommend downloading the play list, it is a great compilation with the book.

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