Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Sewing Project

Well, I had to wait a while to post this one because it was going to someone that occasionally looks at my blog.

This is my latest work for one of the many Diva's on Paper Back Swap. The theme for this months swap was 3rd Anniversary so we sent 3 gifts. My Diva this month collects Fiesta wear so I mad her a set of cocktail napkins that hopefully match.

I had never seen Fiesta wear in person before going and purchasing her a pitcher. The colors they had at my Macy's were not all the colors so it was very hard for me to determine if the fabric I purchased would match.

I stamped each napkin with a different female image from a set sold by Stampington & Co. known as the Unruly Girl Club which was just perfect.

This is the first set of napkins where i have not hand died any of the fabrics at all but it didn't make them any easier to sew together. I like how they turned out in the long run even if they don't have any shimmer to them. But time was of the essence and I didn't have time to test different shimmery paints.

For my Diva's daughters I put together two totally different pillows. The pillow in the front is for her older daughter and the one with the monkeys on it her younger.

I found the Monkey fabric and my DD just fell in love with it so I know it would be perfect for little Miss P.

The first initial of their name is stamped in the middle of the pillow using a block letter.

I was not so bright when I took the photo's and didn't get a shot of the backs. But they are able to open with a gigantic ribbon made out of the main fabric the ties them shut.

I hope my Diva and her daughters like them.


Aardvark said...

I love them! The girls love them! You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Here is a link to a picture of the back!

Flippinpest said...

These are fantastic Caroline. I love the napkins, they are so lovely and colourful :-)

Nancy said...

The napkins and pillows are beautiful and I'm sure they will be loved by their new owners. You do such lovely work - and by hand, you are very brave!!


Jeanette said...

Everything is so colorful and beautiful. What a fabulous gift.


Rachel H. Wohrlin said...

These are gorgeous!!!! You really did a fantastic job.