Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Lot of Book Reviews

Vampire Academy is the first novel in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. I have now read all of or some of four different Young Adult Vampire novels, liking all of them.

This particular series, to me at least, is the darkest. There are a number of cuss words, references to sex and some hot and heavy scenes and the thing that hit me the hardest is that one of the characters cuts. Part of me feels like I may be way out of touch with today's teens but another part of me knows that this happened even when I was a teen, but I don't necessarily feel that some teens should read such things. There are various levels of maturity, to me this series is the most mature.

With that being said, I really like her take on the Vampires. She has two types, an immortal, evil kind and a mortal, good, magical type. There are also half bloods that serve as the good vampires protectors. I love the multiple layers of social classes that this element and more bring.

The other aspect of this book that I found wonderful is the characters are all vastly different. From the shy reserved teen struggling with depression, the ostracized kid whose parents made him that way, the headstrong rebellious one and many many more. Richelle creates a great and very realistic way in which all these different personalities (which do exist in today's society) mingle with one another.

I already have the next two books in this series and hope to get to them very soon.

I finally got around to reading book 3 of the Mercy Thompson series. She is one of my favorite authors right now.

A friend of mine told me that in this novel Mercy chooses who she is going to be with, Adam or Samuel...we have been guessing since book 1, Moon Called. Patricia handles this in a fascinating way that I won't spoil here, but I really likes.

Her novels are very fast paced I think I read the entire book in two days not wanting to put it down.

She also creates very realistic fantasy worlds. This book deals with the Fae, Moon Called was Werewolves and Blood Bound, book 2 is Vampires. Kinda makes me wonder what she will cover in book 4 which came out as the start of February.

I highly recommend this series to anyone that enjoys or wants to try Urban Fantasy. Also, if you are a romance fan, this book should be on your must read list.

What a disappointment this one was....I disliked it so much I don't really want to even write a review. It took me almost 2 weeks to read this Young Adult book.

It was shallow and unbelievable. Shallow because there was no real character or story development, when things looked like they were going somewhere the author would drop it and move onto the next scene. Unbelievable, because even a sixteen year old girl takes at least a few days to fall head over heals in love. Especially one that would be distracted by the fact that she is going to be sacrificed.

Don't read it, don't waste your time. A real bummer from the Author that wrote Ella Enchanted.

Island of Lost Girls is the second novel by Jennifer McMahon, her first being, Promise Not to Tell. I really enjoyed Promise Not to Tell, and her new book was no disappointment. In fact I'm not sure it wasn't better.

Her books are a little dark, murder, abuse etc... but the story she weaves is wonderful. Her characters are all flawed, but aren't we all, making it easy for you to connect with them even if you have not experienced the horrors they have.

But the really great thing is that she does not drag you so deep into despair that you feel depressed when reading. I concentrate on solving the mysteries.

While this book was a bit more predictable than her first it is still great and I can't wait until she writes another one.

Um Yuck! I have never read a Dean Koontz, nor will I ever again. It sounded right up my alley, kinda other worldly but this book was boring.

Every time it started to take off the author would reign it in and drag you through a totally different story line that seemed to have nothing to do with the action of the book, and in the long run didn't. So you read pages and pages of just story that doesn't answer any questions.

On top of that I felt that he wrote in a "bloated" fashion. Trying to sound smarter than he really is...

And lastly and most annoyingly, any and all questions he posed were not, i repeat NOT answered. And let me tell you there were quite a few of them.

When I went looking for the cover art I did discover that this is the first in a series. I will not be reading any more even if they answered all the unanswered questions in the first.

Cry Wolf is the first in a new series by Patricia Briggs that is a spin off from a short story found in the anthology On the Prowl.

I really enjoyed the short story and couldn't wait for this book. It is suppose to be about Anna and Charles, characters introduced in the short story and/or in the Mercy Thompson books. However to me this book was more about the Morak, Charles father, leader of the Werewolves, and another pack member. Because of this I was a bit disappointed.

If the book had not been advertised as An Alpha and Omega Novel and more as a spin off from the Mercy Thompson books I would have been more prepared for the story and less disappointed.

To me this one also didn't have the same non stop pace as her other novels. However, I am far from so disappointed that I will not pick up the next book in this series. As I stated above I love this author. I just wish she had introduced this story a bit differently.


Kristen Hermanny said...

I have noticed the same thing about Dean Koontz. Back and forth and round and round What the French? I am going to try the Jennifer McMahon books though.
Did you read the Child called It and the other 2 that go with that series? They are a true story and very good. (And awful)

Jami said...

Wow, that's a nice amount of books you've read so far. I must thank you:) You inspired me, with last years list of books you'd read. I'm on book 6. I usually only read maybe 1 book a year.