Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Holt Sisters

Last year I read Beauty and the Spy for a swap that I was in. When I started the book I did not know it was a series. If I had I'm not sure I would have read this book or the following two and that would have been a shame.

My mind is a little fuzzy on the first book since I read it a couple of months ago but I do remember thinking that the characters were very believable and that the romance between them did not seem to come out of left field, it was well developed.

In the first book Julie Anne Long sets the stage to reunite three sisters. Beauty and the Spy is about finding out what happened to the sisters parents that would cause them to be separated.

The book wraps up enough of the loose ends and has a wonderful romance line so that if you did only want to read one book it would be fine. But I really enjoyed Beauty and the Spy so I picked up her next book.

Ways to be Wicked is my favorite of this series when it comes to the romance.

This sister is a dancer who has had a lover in the past making her a little bit freer than her other sisters.

Julie Anne Long weaves a number of the characters in this book into the story line presented in the first. But you did not see them in the first book. It is their relationships to the other characters in book one that binds them.

The final chapter of the Holt Sister's was a bit off for me. The romance was not as good as the others, at least in my opinion. The main characters fought it a little to much and then dived into each others arms way to easily.

This book is also much longer than the others. And the story that is not part of the romance line is all about finding the girls mothers. Since in this book they are all three united.

I thought it wrapped up nicely and was well done. However at the very end when all the daughters are happy with their husbands the author did something I thought was unnecessary. These books were about the daughters and all of a sudden she throws in (only a line or two, but enough to bug me at the end) a romantic bit about the mother Anna. The book didn't need it in my opinion.
All in all these were a delight and fast fun reading. No over the top sex scenes and romance that is believable. I will read more of her books.

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