Friday, January 16, 2009

Repeat Impressions Cards

It's that time again...time to share my latest creations for Repeat Impressions.

Wendy asked us to make at least one Valentine item using the Hugs and Kisses stamp that I have in the background of the Puffin Up card.

Puffin Up is suppose to be a play on the phrase Pucker Up but so far no one has gotten it without an explanation. I wish I had ordered a kiss stamp now but it is too late.

Other stamps used on this card are Puffins, Random Hearts and Legacy Alphabet.

I was trying to do some faster backgrounds this time. Mainly because I was a moron and missed a very important e-mail. Leaving me with a little over a week to get my creations together...i am still kicking myself. Anyway, I used a Tim Holtz technique. I stamped the Hugs and Kisses stamp and clear embossed it onto decorative paper. I then sprayed the paper with some Adirondack Ink and ironed the paper. The Embossing areas lifted off leaving those spots clear of the dark purple ink...pretty cool huh!

It is very hard to see in this sample but i have used the Hugs and Kisses stamp on the background as well as the glittered portions that I cut out. I water marked the paper with the Hugs and Kisses stamp.

Other stamps used on this piece are Fairy Kiss, To My Love..., Random Hearts and Random Swirls.

I used the Random Hearts and Random Swirls to "dress' the two fairy's along with some coordinating rhinestones.

If you visit my blog regularly you have already seen this card. If not take a look at the post below...this one has a story ;)

Wendy asked us to use the Just hatched stamps (little duck/chicken/bird coming out of the egg). Other stamps used include Candy cane (Used the ribbon off of the Candy Cane), Random dots, Wild Daisies, and Squares 3, 13 and 14.

I think this is the card that I am most proud of this time around. When I came up with the idea it was one of those, boy I hope I can pull this off, things.

These flowers are made out of the Quilt or Stained glass window Squares. I black embossed Squares 6, 10, 13 and 14 a number of times and colored them with Twinkling H2O''s a good thing I like to color b/c that took a while...very therapeutic :)

Once they were dry I cut them out based on what I thought would make the best shaped flower. I stacked the squares on top of one another and attached them so that you can see both the cut squares. And I curled the edges up to make them more 3D.

To finish it off I cut various shapes out of the remaining parts of the squares and scattered them all along the lower half of the is suppose to resemble petals that have fallen.

I call this card my Frank Loyd Wright card. I once stayed in a hotel that he had designed and I remember lots of Tiffany lamps made with triangles and squares.

The stem is from the Easter lily stamp.

And my last card is a Stained Glass window made from the Quilt/Stained Glass window Squares. I really ended up loving the quilt/stained glass window stamps, when Wendy asked us to use them i was very apprehensive but once I had them in hand I used them and used them...they are wonderful once you let your imagination flow.

To make this window I turned to my trusted drafting and geometry skills. The heavy black lines are black embossed and suppose to resemble leading lines. I wish that I had embossed all the squares also but getting them perfectly lined up was very difficult and it was easier to hide mistakes this way.
Inside my window I used the Bird and Blossoms stamp. I also ordered a Butterfly stamp that I was going to have perched on the window sill but she got a little lost so I left her off.

I hope you enjoy my pieces and are inspired to create your own Repeat Impressions pieces. If you do I would love to see them...just leave a comment.

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