Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Becca's Diva Box

Here is the first diva box for 2009. Of course this is not everything I sent, but this is everything that I made.

This particular box and its contents went all the way to Bahrain! I hope I spelled that right. Becca is our deployed Diva.

The Doddled Bird Cocktail napkins are a combination of hand died fabric and purchased fabric. The center, the light ocher color is hand died the trim is purchased. However the dots on the trim are hand stamped. The image I used for the bird is from Alpha Stamps and the circular dot stamp is from Close to my Heart. This is the first set of napkins I have done with different colored trim and I think it is fabulous.

I have an extra set of these wonderful napkins for sale in my Etsy store. And let me tell you they are a steal! There may not be much money wrapped up in product but time whew...they take almost a week...there is hand sewing involved to make the 45 degree seams on the front and back corners. If this set does not sell I am really considering keeping them...I just don't know yet...every time I make a new set of napkins I think they are the best.

Becca received or purchased a pair of paisley print earrings a while ago and was looking for a necklace to match. I found a seller on Etsy that had one that I thought would match. Becca has told me it is really a perfect match which was a weight off my mind because I was a bit disappointed with it when it arrived.

Anyway I made her a jewelry box to keep it in while she is deployed. I painted the box a solid matt black Stamped the paisley background on gold paper and painted portions of it with Sparkeling H2O. I then stamped the paisley stamp on black paper and cut out two of the paisleys painted them to match and mounted them on the paper with 3D tape. As a finishing touch I ripped the Gold paper in the shape of the box before affixing it. I love how it left a plain gold rim.

On two sides of the box I put matching images. The Collage image is from Jogglers and it is a woman lounging on a sofa, it is a stunning image that I bought quite a whiel ago but have been waiting for the perfect oportunity to use, this was it. All around the image (to hide the cut marks) I clear embossed a number of times adding pearl ex gold powder to each layer so it shimmers.

On the other two sides I sponged on some gold paint and affixed some gold brads and circular rhinestones. The brads are holding the black satin ribbon in place so when you untie the box the ribbon does not compleatly fall off.

I selected the gold and black colors to match the necklace, I wish I had a photo of it. All in all I am fairly pleased with the box...

I hope Becca enjoys her items...I had fun making them.


Moira said...

The napkins and the box are fabulous, I am sure your deployed Diva will love them, a comforting touch of home when far away.

LazyKay said...