Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thrilling Thursday

Lunch with the Diva's! JJO and A

We went to eat at Joe's American Grill, everyone but me had a Salad...I ate a fabulous Hamburger...can't get them at home anymore and this one was really good with Provolone cheese and French fries.
The top photo is Amy and the bottom one is JJO

Anyway...onto the goodies

A and JJO had a Diva package for Kudzoo which was so nice of them and so much fun for all of us...especially Kudzoo...

-The first thing we opened was a Zuzie Q. Woozie is fantastic...especially since she has been playing with mine (my father drug them out of the Attic) this one is much safer and far brighter and newer...she is playing with it right now.
-Next came the Beauty Kit (fabric) Bright red and zips so she can carry it around. This was the big hit at lunch. Inside were all the essentials, a hair blow dryer, nail polish, a make up kit, hair spray and lipstick! The girl is all done up now.
-a Face/hand towel with pink trim and a purple and pink palace
-Baby Einstein Seasons discovery flash cards...I so wanted these!
-A wonderfully cute summer outfit a white t-shirt with glittery (yahoo) butterflies and plaid striped shorts in lovely pastel pinks, oranges, yellows and is so cute!
-Now my favorite items in my daughters diva box...a grey shinny picture frame with a bobble head in the shape of an elephant. It will go perfectly in her bedroom...
Arn't ya'll jelous of DD??? I am :)

This is a photo of JJO with the box/bag that I gave her before she ripped into it. I not only packed everything in the Market Basket bag but I wrapped each gift in the wrapping paper...I know, I'm a nut box...oh my fabulous box...oh the wondrous items I received...

-So, in walks JJO and Amy and of course JJO has the diva items in a Market Basket plastic bag...but she cheated because inside the plastic bag was a gorgeous carry case with a lovely flower design and a very sturdy handle!

But ya'll arn't interested in the here goes

-A 22 oz, yes ladies the largest size, Yankee Candle, Country Linen of my favorites...
-A pair of gold ball earrings off of my Amazon Wish List...I already have them in my ears...actually I put them on at the lunch table LOL
-2 WL books...The Book Thief and The Funeral I have my Z author for the author challenge
-A subscription to Family Fun Magazine...I read the December/January issue all the way back from lunch...Such great ideas!
-Goonies on DVD...which I am now going to crawl in bed and watch

Well...that was lunch and boy was it fabulous! I've never been so nervous about meeting anyone before, nor have I been so worried about the Diva box that I am giving...I hope she liked it.

My mom, Kudzoo and I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. We went into every baby store in the mall and didn't find anything...we were about to leave when I saw Baby Gap off in the we went in and it was great...there was nothing in the store that we didn't like. And that wouldn't have looked absolutely adorable on Kudzoo
-My mother bought her a 2-in-1 shirred print dress some matching socks and a bathing suit that is navy blue with a whale on the front that says "Having a whale of a time..."
-I got her a Floral button front top and button leggings that will go with her shirt of with the dress mom got her.

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