Monday, January 28, 2008

COF Openings


The Circle of Friends has some openings. Looking for a stress free, great group to exchange artwork with. Well, COF is what you need. Please check us out at Circle of Friends make sure to puruse the Photo Gallery.

We are invitation only so please drop me a comment if you are interested and I will share it with the group. And we are a limited group so you will never have to make a billion of the same project. Everything is sign up at your own lessure.

Upcoming Projects

Recipes. Make a 4x6 recipe card with your favorite recipe or recipes and Sandi will bind into a book for participants. You can include one or several

One color palette - Stamp anything of your choice (card, ATC etc) but only use shades of any one color. Small amounts of black are acceptable

Songs - create something to about your favorite song; Sandi will try to find all of the songs to make a CD to go with this. If you have a copy of your song that you could send with your project, I would appreciate it.
We also have ongoing Projects, a Round Robin Journal...hurry and sign up before we start the next rotation and Monthly Surprise Cards. Once again all of this is sign up for as much as you want.
Any questions just ask

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Elisabeth said...


Your group sounds like a lot of fun! Would you mind if I asked to join? I love getting craft and making things to share.

BTW...welcome to SBS12! I'm looking forward to getting to know you. =)