Saturday, January 30, 2016

Time to Shop

Shopping, I personally loath shopping, but not Blanch.  Blanch loves nothing more than a bit of outdoor shopping and goes absolutely to the moon when it is done Alpha Stamp style.
Today Blanche is heading to the grand opening of a new outdoor mall.  The clock is ticking away the minutes until she can enter.  
 The Architect spared no expense.  An Ice Resin mold of an Architectural Flourish (gigantic supply list at end of post) adorns the Flower Shop Window.
 Each side of the box is decorated with a wooden flower box filled with coordinating flowers.
 Blanche wondered what the mysterious black window on the back of the mall was.
Until she left the mall late that night and the clock tower was lit with an LED tea light.  The little black window is how the maintenance worker turns on and off the light.  It is just the right size to slip one's fingers inside and grab the light.
 The architect is a little disappointed in the roof, it is the first time she has made one with such a severe slant and she was worried about weight.  In her dreams the roof would have been covered with shingles.  As is she settled for three layers of paper with the ends rolled up.
 The clock strikes 1:25 pm (yea I know a really strange time, but heck the owners like to sleep in, have a bit of lunch and then go to work) and Blanche heads inside.  The front panel of the box pulls away to revel chipboard houses.
  The mall unfolds before Blanche.
 First stop, the Tea Parlor, after all it is tea time!  Blanche told Joan she would meet her at the Chipboard Tea Set sign. 
 On a rainy day (which thank goodness the opening day is not) water will run out of the tea pot. Not really but wouldn't gutters and downspouts be so much cooler if they did have fabulous tea pots at the end of them!?!
 Rejuvenated (one of my daughters vocabulary words this week) from their spot of tea, Blanche and Joan had to the Perfumerie.  They have to enter a Gothic Chipboard fence to go inside.
Perfume bottles adorn every inch of this shop.  The shop clerk makes all her own bottles from the DIY Potion Bottles bead mix. Joan adores that the stoppers are all pearls.  So chic! Blanche picks out a floral scent that will drive the honey bees bonkers.  

 Onto the Lingerie shop.  Joan has been waiting and waiting for this.  She loves how fancy undergarments make her feel. The stockings hanging outside are made of silk!
 Joan can't resist feeling the exquisite lace hanging on the plush hanger that matches the shops wallpaper!.
 Both women decide they needs some flowers to brighten their houses.  They head into the Florist shop.  This florists favorite flower is sunflowers, they cover every inch of the shop.  It's a good thing Joan and Blanche like the happy flowers too.  
Lastly the ladies head to the toy shop to pick something out for their grand-babies.  
The toys look so tantalizing that Blanche tries to reach through the window, but is stopped by the crystal clear Ice Resin that fills all the windows of the mall.

The two ladies had a grand time today.  
I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as they enjoyed the experience.  
Thanks for stopping by!

Flat house supplies (used on every house)
Flat houses
Provincial paper pad 6x6 
Deco window
Windows 4 panel
Tea Shop
Perfume Shop
Lingerie Shop
3/8 inch looped ivory lace
Flower Shop
Toy Shop
12x12 paper hedge, mail, chaise, hampton


Art @ Home said...

How cute! I love the little tea shop best. :)

Lucy said...

Truly inspired. The story is inspired as well. I think the architect did a masterful job. Lucy

N FL Lou said...

This one really got me going! As I looked and read I kept seeing a book with the outside of the shop on the left page and a peek of the store interior on the right, with text worked in. This was beyond inspirational. Maybe this Spring I'll make a little book of hidden, tucked away parks with the entrance on the left page and a peek of the park on the right. Text would start with something like,"These books are handmade, one at a time. They are quite special and the only people who notice them are the ones who should have them. Sit in the parks and watch for people walking by with the book in their hand. Smile and nod, they are your friends. You may even meet the writer, although she'll never admit it." If I don't stop I'll have the book laid out and written in your comment section! That would be bad form so I'll stop. Thanks for the inspiration!