Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Moulin Dude

 Girls can't have all the fun can we?  Well, not according to these 10 dudes.  They're kicking up their spats and showing us ladies just how high they can can-can.
This month over at Alpha Stamps the kit is all about love, an Amour kit.  What better way for 10 sexy dudes to show their ladies how much they love them than by facing down their stage fright and giving them a show.
But this isn't any ordinary stage. It is watched over by a cameo of Jane Avril.  
The curtains are a deep rich black velvet (it's just paper from the Love and Lace collection, but velvet sounds so much better) embroidered with luscious roses.
 And what are curtains without some pink sweeper fringe (boring, that's what)?
The stage manager didn't stop there, little golden hearts dangle about the performers nuggets (think Victorian disco balls). 
Behind those jovial men is a tiled wall.  To create this effect (which I am sad is mostly covered up, but boy was it fun to make) I used the Ornaments and Settings Silicone mold. 
I created a video a few months back on how to use hot glue in the molds, which is what I did.  This technique cuts down on time when making a bunch of the exact same thing.

I flipped them diagonal and lined them up starting in the center of the box.  At the edges the squares had to be cut in half.  
The back of the wall also has some iconic French landmarks framed in circular lace edge settings.
 There was no way I was going to create a stage and not have it lit up.  Instead of the traditional white lights I selected red for a more Valentines feel.   
To hide the lights the stage manager ordered custom sconces made.  Oval filigree settings were bent to form the shape. They were then adorned with images from the French Oval Collage Sheet and covered with Diamond Glaze.
But the stage details don't stop there.  To adorn the stage a 3/4" Metal Deco Strip was wrapped around the box and then aged with various patinas from the weathered copper and treasured heirlooms sets. A touch of cream and black were also added.
These fabulous men have admirers who have littered the stage with pink roses.  

I hope your significant others pull out all the stops for you this Valentines!  You deserve it!  If not the Moulin Dudes will put a smile on your face.
Thanks so much for stopping by.


Nichola said...

LLLOOOOVE! Amazing, funny, lovely project. Just delightful :)

sheilaAR said...

Tres Magnifique!! I love the Dudes and am throwing my virtual roses at them as we speak! Caroline, this is just way too cool. I love the romantic and racy red lighting and all your as-usual fabulous details. xoxoxo

Sandi McLean said...

Oh my! How fun are your Moulin Dudes LOL Fabulous project. Thank you so much for coming my way and commenting on one of my Pocket Letters. Magic wishes and all good stuff! Sandi

Art @ Home said...

Wow, Caroline….this is fantastic! What a fun project!