Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Happy List: Great end to a rough year

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1.  We had a drop in from Kevin's Aunt and Uncle.  The girls love spending time with Ron and Sherrie and it was so nice to catch up with them.  We already have plans to see them again in a few months. 
2.  We are heading to the farm for the New Year.  It is so much fun to see the girls play in the big open fields and to roast marshmallows out at the sharecroppers cabin.
3.  I've decided to offer all of my artwork that I create for Alpha Stamps for free in my Etsy shop.  I made this announcement a few days ago.  Uploaded 7 pieces of artwork and they all sold!
4.  I was feeling so good from those sales that it spurred me to finally get all of the seam binding I have to offer for sale into the shop.  And some of that sold too!
5.  I finished the best book!  This year has been a bad reading year for me so to finish the year out with a book I loved is awesome.  I will be doing a review of this novel soon.
So what made you happy this week? 


Heather said...

What made me happy is spending time with my triplet niece and nephews. They are the best!

Patty Antle said...

Of course your beautiful pieces sold quickly! Hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve!

Art @ Home said...

I bet your artwork sold in a nanosecond! Congrats, Sweetie. It hasn't been the best reading year for me, either, but slightly better than 2012.

Thanks for linking-up and sharing your *happy*

Maybe we can have coffee together once school starts back!


Art @ Home said...

oops! I forgot to wish you Happy New Year!

Here's to a great year for reading!