Monday, July 16, 2012

Art Share ~ Stamp Out Crime

Do you know the story of Lizzie Borden?  Well one of the members of Stamp Out Crime featured the story on her ATC.  The above creation is by Aja M. 

I kind of know the story but looked it up just to make sure. 

Meet Lizzie

Information from Wikipedia

Lizzie Andrew Borden[2] (July 19, 1860 – June 1, 1927) was a woman in New England who was tried for killing her father and stepmother with an axe on August 4, 1892, in Fall River, Massachusetts. The murders, subsequent trial, and ensuing trial by media became a cause célèbre. Although Lizzie Borden was acquitted, no one else was ever arrested or tried and she has remained a notorious figure in American folklore. Dispute over the identity of the killer or killers continues to this day.

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