Sunday, August 28, 2011


It's been a few days since the kick off of the Practical Magic Read Along and everything is going great!  So far six people have entered this weeks questions and a chance to win one of the prizes.  I must confess I feared this little idea of mine would be a flop and am thrilled that it's not.  So I thought I would provide some better images of the handmade item I made for this weeks prize (if that is what the winner selects).

I created this bookmark with themes from the Superstition section of the book. 

And decided to include one of my Glittered Clothespin Magnets so go along with it. 

The two women are actually my fathers aunts, I thought that was a fun touch.

Hope you enjoy and if you havn't checked out the Practical Magic read Along it's not to late to join.  This coming up Friday, September 2nd we will be discussing the second portion of the book and you have until this thursday at noon to answer this weeks question which can be found HERE.

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wende aka frogprincess said...

1. gideon barnes
2. little green snake on her wrist
3. nightshade
4. lilacs
5. a gold heart necklace from her mom and a silver bracelet from her aunt

BONUS: saguaro cactus, coiled rattlesnake and a cowboy on a horseback.

as far as the motto - i don't really like it myself personally. I believe in faith. I believe n jesus, no I can't physically see him but i can see his work all around me. I do believe they are ghost - have i seen them NO. that is just my personal feeling.

i have seen the movie when it first came out - so i don't really remember it but i am looking forward to watching it :) i don't like to watch a movie before i read the book. The movies always leave out personal and important details i think.

i think the daughers are alot like the mom and aunt there is alittle of both wrapped up in them.