Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shades of Aqua/Turquoise Charms

So far I've played it safe with the new swap group, Marie Antoinette Mail Art aka MAMA, only taking part in swaps that I knew I could do perfectly. Well, one of my friends hosts charm swaps through MAMA I thought, well she'll be honest so if I suck at charms she'll let me know. And I signed up.

I went to the local Bead store and to Michael's to gather all my supplies, everything I got is pictures to the right. I had already put the dragonfly charms together when I took the picture.

Bellow is what I turned all those bits and pieces into.

Upper Left: I used an off white bead, a blue glass flower and some glass leaves to put this charm together. The bead and flower are strung on a head pin and the leaves I used wire to attach them.

Middle: I love this one! I affixed three blue mixed with a brownish tone to the vintage brass leaf chain. I think this one would make a really lovely bracelet all on it's own and may go back to the store and get more.

Upper Right: I had the dragonflies sitting around from a project I never got to. At the same time I had ordered the stone I affixed to the body. It felt like fate played a part in me not using these items until now, so I had to join the swap.

Lower Left: This one is my husband's favorite. Everything is strung onto a headpin, starting with a brass toned bead, the ring with brown toned rhinestones then the turquoise bead, which has a pretty flower on it, topped with a matching ring and bead.

Lower Left: I think this one would make a nice pair of earrings (which probably means it is going to be a lot bigger than the other charms...oh well...sigh) I dangled three strands of aqua beads off of the vintage brass finding.

The requirements of the swap say that each charm needs to be in a bag. I wanted mine to be special and still swap themed so I got some organza bags and stamped a crown on them, adding some aqua glitter to where the stones would be on the crown.

I also attached my charms, using aqua ribbon, to some aqua paper that I stamped with a flourish and highlighted with the same aqua glitter I used on the bag.

I really like the overall effect. I know my charms have some issues, this was my first go at anything like this. There are some crocked rings and some miss twisted wire but all and all I think I did pretty good and know I'll only get better with practice. I of course intend on taking part in more of the charm swaps. I can't wait to get my returns and make something out of them.


Lynn Stevens said...

These are Fabulous and don't suck at all. LOL

Heather said...

These are AWESOME!!

bes53913 said...

Pretty! Pretty! Love the aqua/brass color combo - and the organza bags - and the stamped tags!

LynnF said...'ve got to be kidding...they're gorgeous! My fav is the bottom left. And the color combo is absolutely spot on!

Rhondamum said...

I am just so proud of you Caroline! I KNEW you could do it! And I am thrilled to hear that you will do these swaps again. You will look back on this first one and think, "Gosh, this really is easy and fun". Thank you so much for joining and I can't wait to use some on my bracelet! Everyone is going to love your charms! xoxo Rhonda...

Bella said...

yes, I think they suck so you had better just send them all to me so that you don't have to keep looking at

They're gorgeous !

Pauline said...

These are awesome, Carolyn! I love them! I have a little something for you, if you'd care to visit my blog.... posted today...
hugs and blessings,

Julie Anne Cooper said...

I recieved on of the dragon fly's and I love it. I am member of MAMA and Alpha Stamps. I also got one of your leafy charms too. To be honest, at first I thought,"i'm not so sure about this one but now it's one of my favorite ones. You did a great job. One of my favorite swaps is the ribbon flowers. Try one quarter.
julie anne'

Fishtail Cottage said...

These tag sets are amazingly beautiful! xoxo