Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Attention Grim Reaper

My latest Circle of Friends Journal entry. This journal is Andrea's and she asked the participants to use a stamp in their art.

I had a very hard time with this one. Luckily Andrea provided a wide variety of stamps to choose from (otherwise mine would have been a boring liberty bell stamps). With Halloween around the corner and that darker theme I have taken with most of the journal's this year I selected the spider stamp.

The color of the stamps did give me pause. I normally do not work with bright colors and I didn't want to use a black background paper. I settled on the orange decorative paper and then toned down the stamp, the thing was fuchsia! So I aged it with some brown inks. After that I drew out the spider web and covered it with the closest color glitter I could find.

The metal spider is from the most recent Halloween kit from Paual's Kit Club. I painted it with black acrylic paint. She is fabulously 3D and really creepy in my opinion.

At my husbands brilliant suggestion I decided to turn my piece into the front of an envelope (talk about postal). So I dragged out some magazines and cut out the letters. I wanted to make it look like one of those ransom letters you see in kid movies all the time. I aged the letters with the same ink I used on the stamp and then attached them.

The final touches included stamping a wave across the stamp to make it look like it has been processed by the spooky Postal Office and then to fill in some space along the left I stamped the skull and crossbones stamps from Alpha Stamps.

I had a lot of fun with this one and wish I had time to do a Christmas one...she has Christmas stamps too. But alas I must post it so the final member can add her piece before it heads home to Andrea!

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