Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Inspirational Women

I am the hostess for the May Circle of Friends exchange and I selected the theme "Inspirational Women". Once I receive all the pages I will be compiling them into a homemade book...complete with marbled paper and all!

A lot of women are inspiring Eleanor Roosevelt, Audry Hepburn, Amelia Earhart, Joan of Arc, Maya Angelo...the list for me goes on and on. But I narrowed it down to those that are closest to me, my family and Marie Antoinette (really b/c I thought the images were stunning and wanted to work with them).

I played with Photo shop quite a bit for the "family" page. The Tree background and the faces I all manipulated in photo shop. Printed the faces on transparency and stapled it onto the tree image (signifying my family tree). To add the "stampers touch" I stamped a harlequin design all around the edges and added words that describe what each of these women brought to my life. To finish it off I crinkled crepe paper around the edges.

Ah Marie! I have always been fascinated by her, was she really as shallow as the television and history books make her out to be? I did learn a few interesting things about her...she never actually said "Let them eat cake" it was printed in a newspaper before she even arrived in France. Gotta love journalism!

This piece is a practice in layering...there is background paper stamped with a crown image, the Eiffel Tower and french words. Then the image of Marie from Alpha Stamps. On top of that I placed a fan from Paula's Kit Club which I singed the edges of (originally an accident but I liked it so much that I incorporated it on all the pages) The Knife, cupcake sticker and flowers are all from Alpha Stamps. To finish it off I printed the words "Let them eat Cake" on transparency and hunted down this lovely lace from rosemarys*cottage on ebay (she got the lace out fast!) which I then tea died.

All of the Marie pages are slightly different...I had a wonderful time creating these pieces and wish I had more time to make more pages...but it is onto the next step...putting the books together!

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The Marie pages are lovely with all the pieces used, but there is something so haunting about your first image, with the tree.....I just keep being drawn back to it.
Guess it's the old B&W photographer in me! ;)
Nice post!!