Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Faux Mermaid Stained Glass Window

 This piece was inspired by the absolutely amazing sea glass now available at Alpha Stamps.  I used a bit from each color set Sea Glass Blue and White, Sea Glass Green and Yellow, Sea Glass Red and Brown. I mounted the glass on  piece of plexiglass using a 100% Silicone Sealant that I found in the shower section of the local hardware store.  That glass is on there!
 Here it is without the sun shining through.  The image I used is one of my all time favorites from the Caribbean Blue Mermaids Collage Sheet.  To make it into one solid image I cut pieces out of two separate images and slipped them together.
 Chipboard bits are one of my favorite things to work with and these were Sea themed (as you know anything Ocean related is one of my favorite things to create with).  The gold piece is the Large Coral Die-Cut chipboard.  The green bit is the Seaweed Stem die-cut chipboard, and the blue pieces are from the Small Coral Die-cut chipboard set.  I painted them using Lumiere paint - Metallic Gold.  I painted them on the Tim Holtz reusable non-stick craft sheet and left them on it to dry.  When I pulled them off paint had built up along many of the edges and in the holes so I can to cut it off with a matt knife, not fun.
 Originally I was going to put all of these bits into a solo shadow box tray, but then you wouldn't have been able to get the full effect of the sea glass.  I still wanted the compartment component the box offered.  To make them here I used the inside of matchboxes.
 The matchboxes are wrapped in the Unearth Copper Patina Scrapbook paper.  This is a two sided paper so I used both sides because they complimented themselves so well.  Inside the two boxes on the end (turned horizontal) is an image from the Vintage Mermaids Collage Sheet that I cut in half.  The bottom of the boxes are lines with micro pearls, a small amount of peachturquoise, and white were used but the majority of the beads are Aqua. In addition to those fabulous bits are the Cheetah Shell Mix and Tiny Real Seashells in a tin. The middle two boxes I kept simple with some stunning bronze charms. 1/2" Bronze starfish charm, Bronze Octopus Charm, and an antique Brass conch shell charm all of which I cut off the loops of.
 In order to hang the piece I drilled two small holes in areas that I left clear of sea glass.  Then I strung it with some of the ribbons from the Summer Silk Ribbon Set. Just a moment on these ribbons, they are luscious!  So vibrant!  I want every color they make.
The finishing touch, that I just couldn't resist, is the Large Bronze Mermaid Pendant Charm.
Thank you for stopping by my blog.  
This piece will be available in the Etsy shop when I return from vacation.
Have a wonderful day!

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