Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fabric & Lace Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

 Lace Cuff's are very popular right now and so easy to make.  I thought I would share with you the one I made recently and how I made it.  Sit back and relax, this is heavy on pictures.
 Most of the supplies I used are available from Alpha Stamps (a complete list of supplies is provided at the end)
Blue Jean (or other heavy fabric like this printed burlap)
Charms (I made mine using supplies from Alpha Stamps, listed below)
 Step 1: Measure your writs.  Mine was 6" so I decided to cut my fabric 7" giving me a 1/2" seem allowance at both ends.  Because I am using a chain and clasp closure method I did not have to worry about making the fit exact.
 Step 2: Measure the base fabric.  
** Not shown in pictures.  
I laid out my laces and ribbon to determine how wide I wanted to make the bracelet.  I went with 2 1/2" 
 Step 3: Optional.  I decided to rip the jeans to give the edges a frayed look.  You could of course cut the fabric.
 Here is my base fabric.  It is roughly 2 1/2" wide and 7" long.
 Step 4:  Lay out the ribbon, lace and charms to get a feel for where you want them.  This helped me determine how wide to make the tulle, it is 1 1/2" by 25" (you want the tulle long enough to gather nicely and slightly wider than the charms you are using, my charm is 1").
 Step 5:  Sew a running stitch up both sides of the tulle.
 Step 6:  On one end of the tulle, tie a knot, on both the right and left sides  
 Step 7: At the other end of the tulle, separate the threads and pull on one per side.  
Step 8:  Keep pulling on the same threads, working the gathered fabric down to the end with the knots.  
 Step 9:  Now that the tulle is gathered, spread it out and pin it to your base fabric.  
 Step 10:  To determine the order you need to sew down your ribbons place all of them on one side and pin them.  
 Step 11:  Sew the ribbon and lace down using a running stitch.  You might have to move some of them aside to sew others down (as shown in the picture above).  You want them all to be as flowy as possible so don't sew them where they don't need sewing, just one stitch per ribbon is fine.
** I used a sewing machine but this entire project could be done by hand if you don't have one or if it scares you (yes, my sewing machine scares me on a regular basis).
 Step 12:  Place the lace/ribbon on the other side of the bracelet.  The white lace I choose to put under the blue jean.  The image above shows it affixed to the back of the bracelet.  
 Notice I have only sewn down one side of my Tulle.  That is because it goes over all my other ribbons/laces.  
 Step 13:  Pin the remaining ribbons/laces to the bracelet and sew them on.
 Here is the cuff with all of the ribbon and lace sewn on.
 Step 14: Fold the ends under and sew them down.  I folded them over twice so that the finished seem was nice and clean

 Now it is time to affix the chains and charms.  This portion has to be done by hand.  
Besides the charms and chain you will need
Coordinating thread
Chain nose pliers
1 step looper tool (not necessary but so easy)
diagonal pliers
 The above charm I made using the following items 1" round slide glass, Collage Birds Pendants Collage Sheet, Harmony 6x6 paper pad, jump rings.  I soldered it all together but you could use the 1" Brass Pendants with 2 loops and glue the glass on top with diamond glaze.

Step 15:  Determine where you want the charm to sit and measure the length of chain you will need.  Affix it to the charm.
 Step 16:  Sew the other end of the chain to the end of the bracelet.  Do this for both sides.
 This is how it looks with only one charm.  I like it but thought the addition of the smaller charm would be nice.
 Repeat steps 15 and 16 to attach the smaller charm.
Supplies used to create the smaller charm are 
 Almost done
 Step 17: Sew on the clasp.
Step 18: Determine how much chain you would like, cut it to size and sew it onto the bracelet.  
This type of closer is especially nice if you are giving the bracelet as a gift.  You don't have to know the exact wrist size of the wearer.  
To finish it off I affixed some pearls to the end of the chain.  

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy making your own!
This one is for sale in my Etsy shop and I am taking custom orders.

Supplies available from Alpha Stamps
Blue Jean (or other heavy fabric like this printed burlap) cut 7"
Pink Tulle cut 1 1/2" by 25"

Other Supplies Used
(* items are not necessary but make it easier)
Sewing Machine*
Tape Measure
Quilters Ruler*
Rotary Cutter*
Cutting Mat*
Straght pins
Iron/Ironing board
Cordinating thread
Chain nose pliers
diagonal pliers

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

This is so pretty, Caroline! I love all the laces and tulle you used. Using a pair of old blue jeans is a great idea, too. I even have a pair of hubby's in my sewing room waiting to be turned into a bunch of things!