Friday, March 21, 2014

Hues of Oz with a giveaway

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Oma Linda over at Olde Baggs n' Stuft Shirts is hosting another fabulous Wizard of Oz blog hop.  
This year her theme is "Hues of Oz."

When I got to thinking about this one my mind kept returning to the amazing moment when the movie goes from black and white to vibrant color.  Then it occurred to me, would that moment have been as impressive if there wasn't an absence of color?  

So, I have selected black and white as my hues.  Because without them, colors just wouldn't be what they are.
 I've recently learned a new technique for blending colors and I did that for the background.  Whites, greys and even a little black make up the background for this William Walace Denslow illustration reproduction.
The book, The Wizard of Oz, would not have been the same without his illustrations.  I find it interesting that the colors used in the book are few and far between, only a handful of the illustrations are in full color.  
Toto, Dorothy and her house are drawn using micro fiber pens.
This piece is available in my Etsy shop.
 But what would a blog hop be without a giveaway?
 So to go along with my Black and White theme I will be giving away, to one lucky winner, a set of Oz Inspired Seam Binding.
You will receive Black, White and Silver (for the big Silver screen).
Simply leave your name and a way for me to contact you to enter and I will select a winner March 28th.

Thank you for stopping by
I hope you enjoyed your visit.  


Prudence said...

Oh kindred souls! I admire your illustrations! Now I must visit Etsy! I'd love the ribbon! ( you can never enough ! )
Nice visiting you! love your blog name!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I was just smiling because the black and white bit at the beginning of the new Oz movie is my favorite part (perhaps the only part I like) out of the whole thing.

Great choice, black and white!

Happy Hues of Oz!
Red Gold over the Rainbow

Gina said...

One can never have enough seam binding :D I to considered using the b/w to colour part of the film for my project...but GREEN kept shrieking at me. Stunning line drawing. XXX

Linda Wildenstein said...

You caught the moment so many of us are intrigued by, when the movie goes from no color to color. And in the books the illustrations leave it to our imaginations to "fill in the blanks". I love your choice. For sure you got the theme of this event on the button. Thanks so much for being such a lovely participant. It's a joy to have you as a member of the Oziness crew.
This is such a cool giveaway. I love the ribbon I purchased from you. It is making my doings even more fun. So for being the goodie you are I'd like to say, Hues to you darling girl, Oma Linda

DogsMom said...

I love that you include silver as tribute to the silver screen, and as that was the original color of the witch's shoes.

Indeed it had to go from the more dreary and normal B&W for the color to make the impact it did.

AutumnWind said...

You are so right! Since the film started in Black and White, it made the rest of the colors just POP off the screen! Thank you for your tribute to those amazing, necessary colors. They add depth and dimesion and are truly worthy of being honored :0)You can email me via my blog or at AutumnWindReno AT

James C. Wallace II said...

Such an interesting choice to go with black and white. I also enjoyed that you chose a Denslow illustration for your posting for the Hues of Oz. He was the first of many to give us a vision of Oz and I've always enjoyed his work.

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison of Oz

Kim said...

I love the black and white theme, you made it sparkle!

Lynda H said...

I love the black and white book illustrations, and adore the old black and while films (including the beginning of Oz) - wonderful that you reminded us that these,too, are hues worth notice! I'd love the seam bindings - lots of intriguing ideas for working with them! :)

Lynda H
lfe61 at comcast dot net

Magic Love Crow said...

Very interesting about the black and white! Very true! I love the drawing and the tag is really cool! I would love to be entered into your giveaway! my e-mail
or you can contact me through my blog ;o)
Have fun at the party ;o)

Candy C said...

Hi Caroline. I love The Wizard of Oz and anything that goes along with that! :) Your black and white art done with the Micro pens is beautiful! I wish I could sketch and draw like that! :) I also wanted to thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. <3 Candy

April said...

OH OH OH!!! Grimalkin, the sewing addict of The Witch Sisters, LOVES the black, white and silver bindings!!! And we all adore black and white illustrations. When I am tired from too much color, black and white always come to the rescue!Those two go with Anything!!

A Magical Whimsy said...

This is my first year to participate in the 'Hues of Oz' blog hop, so I am making sure I follow all of my new friends I am meeting along the yellow brick blog road. So, nice to meet you!
Ah! Yes! The Silver Screen, those were the days! A very lovely post for the original illustrator of the Oz books.
And yes, please do add me to your list for your giveaway goodies.
Thank you SOOO much!
Teresa in California

A Magical Whimsy said...

Oops! my email address was incorrect it is:
Thank you!

Rhissanna said...

Oh my! I love your faithful rendition of the Denslow illustrations! They're wonderful! And you picked just the right moment, too, when Toto is feared lost through the trapdoor in the floor.

Seam binding? Ooooh!

Beansieleigh said...

Love your drawings, and that tag is so CUTE!!! Please do count me in for your seam-binding drawing.. I wish I could have participated this year, but hopefully next year. ~tina