Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Family Heirloom COF Journal

 The Circle of Friends fearless leader, Sandi of CREATiveE ARTeries, selected the theme of Family heirloom for her journal.  We were asked to fill in at least 3 of the compartments using real family images or collage images. 
The above picture is how I received the journal. 

 I decided to use collage images since the journal already had a vintage theme and I couldn't think of how to make some of my images really fit the style.  The images I selected are all from Alpha Stamps.
I had the most trouble with this one.  Originally I was only going to use the Charlotte head but it looked to plain so I went hunting in my goodie box until I found some other items to go along with it.  Also, I am not thrilled with the rick-rack around the image.  I thought it would add something to the overall piece but it just stands out too much :( 
 This is my favorite image, I love it so much that I went searching for the little gun charms to add to it.  A few of the other things I did to make the images look older was fray the edges and fold them in a few places.
Here is how the journal looked when I mailed it out.
I hope Sandi likes what I did, I think her journal is really coming together wonderfully.  


Monica said...

It looks great girl! :) Love the little gun charms! :)

Ally White Cat said...

so beautiful Wow! I am so moved by the beauty can't wait to see the finished project.
susan s