Saturday, November 6, 2010

COF Journal Returns

Last week I got my 2010 Circle of Friends Journal returned and oh my are the contributions spectacular. This year I provided collage images with the theme of Cinderella and/or Sleeping Beauty. Participants were to create a piece using these collage images and one of two castle templates. HERE is the link to my book before I mailed it off this year. Elisabeth is the only COF member to use one of the fabulous Sleeping Beauty images.

Andrea altered the shape of the template when she added a sky which I think it totally awesome and I'm considering doing something like the for the front and back cover of the book (still to come).

The texture on this caste is really incredible, I'm note quite sure what she used but I plan on finding out.

Nancy used one of my favorite images. When I did this as an Alpha Stamp swap HERE is the piece I came up with using this image.

This piece also has some great texture, there is clear embossing, glitter, sand and a very fine clear crackle coat over the image. All the different textures really add some great detail and interest.

Janice portrayed the ugly stepsisters instead of Cinderella and I just love what she has done. I think she printed out the story onto the card stock (if not she has fabulous handwriting and can keep a straight line perfectly).

The sisters and the topiary are 3Ded and all the cutting is perfect. The overall neatness of the piece is one of the draws...that and its just plain perfect!

Sandi, our fearless leader decorated both the front and the back (I posted them out of order).

The front (below) is of Cinderella cleaning and to me dreaming of the ball while the back is her fleeing from the ball. It like she told the entire story in only two piece which is great.

the backgrounds are wonderful the front page is paint splattered and has texture and the back is a gorgeous garden.

Sandy really went all out! Glitter thread sewn all the way around the castle and more glitter highlighting some of the background paper features.

The image she used is one of my all time favorites.

Last but certainly not least Cheryl's contribution. I just love the black and white image and paper she selected and then offset with the most gorgeous fabric applique...It adds so much!

Well, that's my journal I need to get cranking on making some of my own and making the front and back cover. So this project is far from done.

Thanks for looking!

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What a fabulous book,I'm drooling!!

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