Sunday, August 15, 2010


This week over at One Powerful Hour the theme is...

The Truth about Cats and Dogs

I selected this theme for a couple of reasons 1. I love both cats and dogs 2. lots of people seem to have fun with this theme and 3. Because every time I think about a dog I can hear my father telling stories of his childhood.

The photo I used in my sample is of my dad and two of his brothers with their dog Frosty. My father is one of those natural story tellers and none of us ever grow tired of hearing about his childhood adventures. The one I remember the most about Frosty is when there was a storm that flooded the area. Frosty had been trained not to use the backyard so instead of going to the bathroom on the small patch of dry ground next tot he house he swam across the street to use the neighbors yard!

The stamp I used on the background is from Paula's Kit club. I also received the stickers and paper that I cut the bright dog from Paula's Kit Club.

Hope you enjoy!