Friday, March 19, 2010

What's the Final Combination going to be?

One of my fabulous clients asked me to put together some Ocean themed coaster samples for a gift.

I love anything Ocean themed but had a really hard time coming up with ideas, I think it is because there is so much that can be done with this theme and I have a ton of stamps that lend themselves to the theme.

Anyway, here are the 4 different designs that I came up with. The only one I am not a big fan of is #3 and in truth it is not bad, just so much simpler than the others.

Samples 1 and 4 will have different Sea Shell images on the 4 different coasters. I have attached a photo of the 4 different images I'll use bellow, the stamp is from Stampington & Co.

Sample 2 can also have 4 different images. Those images are also below and by Oxford Impressions.

Sample #3 was the last one I worked on and I was running out of black ink. When/If that is the one selected the sea shells will be darker...I have already ordered a re-inker.

Any of these designs can be placed on any of the different color combinations. The client asked for blues and silvers. I however am not a huge fan of blue so I had to add a more earth toned sample. I used gold instead of silver on sample C but I could just as easily use silver.

I've never given a client so many options before. I hope that I am not overwhelming her. But I think it is fun to pick and choose and I hope she thinks so too and enjoys what I have put together.

Now I guess I better go clean up and get started on my next project. Put this one aside until I know what the final product will be.

So stay tuned to find out what she selects.

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