Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hocus Pocus

Over at Zuzu's Petal and Buds Forum it's time to exchange a Halloween themed piece and here is what I have made.

This did not turn out the way I wanted it to at all. I wanted it to be orange in majority but not the orange I ended up getting. Everything went south when I went with a 2 step crackling technique that has never failed me before but either my paint was old or my crackle medium because it did not crackle at all...in fact it was down right ugly what happened. So I tried to save it by wiping the orange paint off but I wasn't pleased with that look either. So after getting all the elements together I decided to try and hide the ugly paint with glitter...I thought I would never say this but I think this piece has too much glitter on it.

The image is from Alpha Stamps and so is the fabulous chip board cut out of the spider web. You can't tell but I wrapped it in an off white fuzzy fabric...it really is a cool effect.

I'm hoping that the person that receives this likes it and that maybe I don't like it because it wasn't what I envisioned and I can't get over that. All in all I am really disappointed in this piece.


Anonymous said...

I cant see why you should be disappointed with this piece - I love it and wish I'd taken part in the swap now!

Autumn said...

I love it, too. Bet it looks even better in person.

Ginger said...

I am looking forward to receiving this as I am the lucky person that will be getting it :) It is a lovely piece, and I do not see why you are disappointed with it.