Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Up and Running...Kind of

Well, I am finally back. And the studio is almost completely ready. I say almost because I don't have any off the art on the walls but everything is put up and I was even able to make a piece yesterday.

So on the left is what it looked like once I got most of the boxes from the move unpacked. Below is a photo of the fabulous new tool box that my DH bought me to store all my supplies in. Believe it or not the gigantic tool box is almost all the way full. There may be a drawer or two that is empty but I've got plans for those drawers.

Back in Mississippi I was able to put most of my supplies in the closet. It was a nice walk in with built in shelves. The closet here is by no means small but it is shaped totally different and I did find it a challenge to fill it in a user friendly manner. That's why there is not a good shot of that inside of the closet, I'm still working on it.

The items on top of the desk is the contents of the most recent Paula's Kit Club. She held my May box until I got moved it...I am going to go up and play with it in just a few minutes!

When I look at the clean pictures they don't seem that neat to me, my DD has a bunch of toys on the floor and I think the angle I took the pictures at was not great but I do promise that it is nice and organized.

I mentioned earlier that I was able to put a piece together. Since the start of the moving process over a month ago I have missed out on a ton of fabulous themes at One Powerful Hour.

The current theme is Lace so I decided to make a piece about a movie that I can't even remember I just know that the Title is "Arsenic and Old Lace" it is an old movie that I saw once black and white classic. Obviously it made a lasting impression but I could not tell you if it was a mystery or a comedy. I do however really like my piece and hope you do too!


Flippinpest said...

What a fantastic studio you have, pleanty of room to get dreative! I cvaguely remember that movie too and what a stunning piece you have produced :-)

Anonymous said...

What a fun card, I love the lace added in at the bottom.

Deborah March said...

Oooohhh, delightful card!