Sunday, November 30, 2008

Incorporating Inchies

The inspiration for the latest Challenge on One Powerful Hour came from a very good friend of mine's Circle of Friends Journal.

Incorporate an inchie (yours or on that was given to you) into a larger piece of work.

Janice's (Reyn's Nest) Journal was an inchie journal. She wanted us to make 4 inchies and place one on each of the "mini" pages in the journal she made. When I flipped through the journal I noticed that most COF members made their 4 inchies a theme and then I got to Janice's page...her's had a giant tree that went from the top page to the bottom page. On each individual page she placed an inchie. So I decided to try something similar with my contribution to her journal.

So, I took two of my favorite stamps, both unfortunately discontinued, and worked from there. I stamped a swirl stamp on each page and covered it with pearl ex powder. I then placed my man and woman which I tried to make predominantly black and white. The Inchies were suppose to be my only "colored" section.

The first inchie I created was the one on the bottom. I placed the inchie over the mans hand, so the hand is the only "colored" portion of his body, I used a plaid background paper for the color on the suit. To add a bit of fun to it I cut up an old cigar label and placed bits and pieces all over the inchie. The finishing touch being an arrow that spins.

For the top inchie I decided to "color" the woman's face and part of her dress. I added a small tag that says "adore" with a feather behind it to add some interest.
The other two inchies only one covers a portion of the woman's dress and I used really bright colors and some rhinestones. The second male inchie is all about hats, even though the man I used did not wear one.
I had a great time with Janice's Journal even though it was very hard for me, inchies are the one "hot trend" right now that I seem to really have to work on.
Hope you enjoy my contribution and the idea...and now you know where I get some of my inspiration for the One Powerful Hour challenges!


summer girl said...

this is just incredible Caroline...I cannot wait to actually see it!

Sandy..... said...

This is beautiful~! I'm just starting to make/get inchies and this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Sally said...

Very creative piece.