Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A bunch of fun stuff!

I Won the Bi-Monthly Lot-O-Rama at Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group. The theme for August/September was Unique and boy are the ATC's that I received.

The top ATC is from Jan Williams called "Paris Weekend' and she wrapped it in the fabulous orange tissue paper and those are felt pumpkin stickers with a "Smile" rub on. the image of the woman I believe is covered in wax...it is fabulous!

Center Left is from Kim Smith and she has fabulous glitter touches at the neck of her woman and she sent me a wonderful Halloween themed collage image.

Center Center is from Lenna Andrews, she also did the envelope at the bottom of the photo. I have the ATC turned wrong in the photo it should be horizontal instead of vertical. I have gotten the fabulous leaves she used and I am so going to get the little pebbles...it is marvelous.

Center Right is from Teri Calia the words read Shine, distinguish oneself, B, and I Rock is up the side. The letter B is covered with a fabulous clear rectangular pebble. She also sent me some absolutely wonderful Halloween themed charms, a bat, skull and bones and pumpkin...I can't wait to use them.

Thank you all so so so so much...I love every single one of them and they are all very unique. As the winner of the lottery I got to select the theme for October/Novembers lottery...I selected Occasions...I have not made my ATC yet but I am pretty sure I know what i am going to do.

The day before I left for Boston I received this fabulous tag book.

It traveled all the way from England. When I collected it from the post I had no idea what it was or who it was from and I was all giddy with excitement.

Well, it just got better. This is a diva gift from Suse.

What are the Diva's? it is a participate if you can and if you want art exchange. I did not even know that my name had been added as a Diva.

I have the tag book sitting on my art table, I can't decide what side I like better...they all compliment each other so well. The fibers are also absolutely wonderful. I guess to put it bluntly the tag book is Marvelous and I love every single front and back of each tag!

Thank you so so so much Suse for sending your lovely piece to me and thank you Zuzu for adding me as a Diva!

I briefly mentioned that I was going to Boston this past weekend. I went for my youngest cousins 17th Birthday.

October is a huge month for birthdays in my extended family on both sides. So I had quite a few gifts to make. These are my favorites though.

When I was making them I did not realize that the initials would spell O.J. I find that rather amusing... The O is for my cousin and the J my niece...

The center square is hand stamped, painted and lightlyy colored. The rest is all fabrics. I think it is amazing that I had a stamp that looks almost identical to the flowers in the decorative fabric.

I hope they like them...

And last but not least I thought I would throw a picture of DH and Kudzu on here...I have other pictures from this past weekend but this one is my absolute favorite.

We are outside of Mom and Dad's house...the tree in the back is starting to change colors, I wish that we had a fall down here...the tree's were absolutely lovely up in Boston...

Okay well, I am done with this novel...off to work on some projects that I have to mail out this weekend.


Elisabeth said...

Absolutely gorgeous pillows!! Great job!! Isn't it funny how sometimes we find stamps that match exactly what we need them to?

The ATCs are all unique! Congrats on winning the "lottery"

Dawn said...

I love all of the ATCs. The tag book is beautiful, congrats on being a Diva;)