Saturday, June 11, 2016

Down the Rabbit hole

 I'm still playing with Alpha Stamps Alice in an Altoid Tin Kit from last month.  This time I decided to honor the white rabbit because without him would there even be an Alice in Wonderland? 
The complete supply list for this project can be found HERE.
 Everything always starts off looking all innocent.  After all Alice was just having a book read to her when she fell down the hole.  To create the tree stump I cut a medicine bottle in half, covered it with crumbled masking tape which I then covered with crumpled tissue paper and painted with various shades of brown acrylics. 
Miniature pink geraniums dot the moss coated ground. 
The roots were created by rolling masking tape into shape and affixing them to the bottle. 
Hard to believe it is all built on top of an altoid tin.
 When you open the tin you can see the white rabbit (yes, he is black is a shadow) fleeing back towards Wonderland.  An Altoids tin insert frame sets the backdrop for the white rabbit to flee towards the hole.
The mushrooms are painted with gold leaf and some other shimmery bits that I had lying around.  Fern and flower buds (not red or white because we haven't met the Queen yet) surround the rabbit as he heads towards his hole.
 Bits and pieces of Wonderland are all around the hole.  A bronze stopwatch, a drink me medicine vial (hard to see but it is in the upper right hand corner, see that bit of gold, that is the stopper) and down the hole is the key that Alice needs. 
This was a fun project and now all I want to do is make more tree stumps. 
Thanks for stopping by!  And make sure to check out Alpha Stamps latest kit Beneath the Sea, you know I am going to have a ton of fun with this one!


sheilaAR said...

This is just adorable! I love the rabbit scurrying toward the hole, just his silhouette to be seen. This piece leaves so much story to the imagination yet it's loaded with the story details. Fun!!

Ricki Treleaven said...

What a cute project!!! I can't believe it's an Altoids tin. What a transformation!

Kitty said...

Great job on the tree!! I've never played with altoid tins before.