Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dreamhunter Read Along Prize 2 update

So the fog that has invaded my brain in the form of a bad sinus/allergy thing caused me to mess up Part 2's prize.  This is the correct prize.

The Dreamer's Dictionary and a handmade book by me to write down all your dreams and analyze them. 

Remember to be eligible to win this weeks prize make sure you have your answers for part 2's Dreamhunter read Along submitted by Monday.  

Beach Postcard Swap ~ An Alpha Stamps Event

Check out the Next Alpha Stamps Swap I'm hosting!  You know you want to join, and I can't wait to see everyone's art! 

We're hosting a "Wish You Were Here" Beach Postcards Swap using the new Kraft Postcards.

You could interpret the theme as a summer vacation (at the beach), or beachy scenes (frolicking in the water, building sandcastles or sunning on the beach), or a scene from a beach destination (the shore, a scenic shot, or the boardwalk).

This swap will be 5 for 5: create 5 different postcards and receive 5 in return, all by different artists! Please do not send in more than ONE set (aka: maximum of 5 postcards).

For more information (and/or to sign up by May 13, 2012), visit the Yahoo Group. Artwork will be due June 18, 2012.

And there's a HUGE Beach Swap Supplies Sale (including a fabulous NEW Art Deco Beach Rubber Stamp Set designed specifically for this swap!
View more art samples in the Wish You Were Here Beach Postcards Swap Gallery!

The fun sample postcard at top right is by Design Team Member Nichola Battilana.

Smaller sample art pics below (from left to right) are by Design Team Members Theresa Martin, Rhonda Secrist Thomas and Laura Carson. Click on all the photos to see more details.

*Beach Postcards Swap
Click Picture to Enlarge
*Beach Postcards Swap
Click Picture to Enlarge
*Beach Postcards Swap

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Read Along ~ Dreamhunter Part 2, The Try

Hello, and welcome to Week 2 of the Dreamhunter by Elizabeth Knox Read Along.  This week please read the second part of the book, The Try, and answer the following questions to get a chance to win one of the fabulous prizes, $5 gift certificate for Amazon, 1 PBS Credit or a handmade item.  Submit your answers by leaving a comment (your comment will not post right away, I approve all my comments) no later than Monday April 30th.  Winner will be announced Tuesday May 1st.

This weeks handmade item is 3 Glittered Magnetic Clothespins and to go along with it a copy of The Dreamer's Dictionary. I believe this copy is the first paperback publication of this book.

1.  What color hats do the girls wear to the Try?
2.  What is Maze Plasir's dreamhunter talent?
3.  When Chorley inquire3d about Tziga what news did the Director give him?  What was unusual about the form of recorded intentions the Director showed Chorley?
4.  How did John Gregg win the Speaker of the House of Representatives?
5.  What is Grace & Chorley's plan to get Laura to stay in school?

Discussion Questions:
1.  Do the results of the try surprise you?  Why or why not?
2.  Do you think its odd that there is no grave for Tziga?  Do you believe the Dr. is telling the truth that Tziga is dead?
3.  Do you think Grace & Chorley's plan to get Laura away from Dreamhunting will work?  Do you think it is fair to Rose?

And Just for Fun...I got an e-mail that someone had a nightmare about the Sandman so I decided to look up a few things in The Dreamer's Dictionary.

Sand:  Whether the sand you dreamed of was on a beach, in your food, or in your shoes, it is warning you to be wary of a new acquaintance who will try to exploit you see also desert

Man: A dream featuring mankind as a whole is a warning of nervous depression due to work; either slow down or take a vacation.  To dream of a strange man augers well for family affairs, but the meaning is modified to some extent by the details of his appearance (if you were aware of them) and his actions (if any), so these factors should be considered.  see also Hair, Height, eye color, etc.

So, that was one interesting dream our fellow Read Alonger had!  Is there anything anyone wants looked up before I mail out this fabulous gift?  Let me know.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Read Along Part 1 Winner!

Hello fabulous Read Alongers.  I am so excited about how many people took part this week!  I've gotten a few e-mails from people that have said this particular book is just not for them and I know some of you are struggling a bit, hang in there until you just can't anymore and then toss the book against the wall and move on, this is supposed to be fun. 

I was very intrigued with some of the answers from the Discussion Question
"The story of the survivors from the Island of Elpurs, does it remind you of anything?"

Some of us were on the same page with Pompeii but Susan brought up a very interesting point, she thought it sounded like the immigrants coming to America.  I love this take on the story. 

Well onto what you are all really interested in, the winner of this weeks prize of either $5 Gift Certificate from Amazon, 1 PBS credit or the handmade item shown below. 

And the winner is


Congratulations Susan, please e-mail me or message me on FB what item you would like and your address.

Now onto some extra fun. 

 I have put together a board on Pinterest of some of the images I've run across, recipes etc that remind me of Dreamhunter.  Come on over and take a look and add some of your own (I might have to add your name to the list so just leave me a comment and I will do that).  Or share it here in a comment.

Looking forward to tomorrow.  Hope everyone is enjoying the book.  As always if there is a question you would like to submit for discussion let me know. 

Have a Great Day!

Nichola's Artist Chat & Reproduction Challenge

Do you want to learn how to make these super cute Fairy Specimen's from the Amazing Nichola?  There is just one catch, you have to be a member of the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group.  But have no fear it only takes a second to join, click the above link and select join, then leave us a little message and voila you will be a member.  Hurry, this event takes place this weekend, April 28th at 4pm EST. 

Reproduction Chat & Challenge

Hey Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group members come learn how the Nifty Nichola created these darling miniature fairy houses. Then take a stab at creating one yourself for a chance to win Nichola's art.

Chat will start at 4pm on April 28th and last until we are done. Log onto the chat by going to the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group homepage, scroll down until you see chat on the left hand column (it is the very last option) and click to join. 

So sit down with your favorite beverage, maybe a cat in lap or dog at foot, and get your first ever free art lesson/chat from Alpha Stamps.  

Artwork for this challenge should be uploaded into the Nichola Reproduction folder and is due May 19th. Winner will be announced shortly thereafter. Good luck and can't wait to chat.

Below are pictures of the prize Nichola is offering for the best Reproduction piece submitted. 

Isn't that an amazing assortment and art goodies!  Hope you will join us!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Read Along Dreamhunter by Elizabeth Knox, Part 1 A Talented Family

Hello and welcome to my third Read Along!  I am so glad you are joining. 

Here is how it works, answer the questions below, for each correct response >I will enter your name for a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes (a handmade item, a PBS Credit or a $5 Gift certificate from Amazon). You have until Monday April 23rd to answer this set of questions. 
Leave your answers in a comment with a way for me to get in touch with you.
This weeks handmade prize is a Dreamhunter themed bookmark and 3 magnetic glittered clothespins. 

This week please read the first section of the book, Part 1, A talented Family and then answer the following questions

1.  Who in the family are dreamhunters and what do dreamhunters so?
2.  What is the Try?  How old does someone have to be to try?
3.  Who discovered the Place?
4.  What is a penumbra? (I will accept 2 answers if both given extra entry)
5.  What did Tziga do instead of sharing his dream with the prisoners?

Discussion Questions
1.  The story of the survivors from the Island of Elpurs, does it remind you of anything?
2.  Do you feel like the explanation of the Place and how it works came at the appropriate time in the book?
3.  How do you see the characters?  Do you think the author left too much scenery/physical description out and relied on the date header to form the readers mental picture?  Are you having trouble visualizing some of the scenes?

Just for fun, I thought I would share some of the various covers for this book.  Do you like one more than the others?  If so why?

American Paperback cover

New Zealand

Hardback Large Print

I'm also working on my dream cast for this book and having a hard time with Tziga Hame so far I have a handful of actors that I think would be good, I would love to hear what you have to say.  How do you picture him, do you think one of the actors I picked would be good or someone totally different?

My picks are

Paul Bettany

Leonardo Dicaprio

Johnny Depp

Woddy Harrelson

I hope you are enjoying the book, please feel free to leave any type of comment about the book (so if you don't like it please let us know and let us know why). I'm looking forward to your answers and this discussion.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Art Challenge and Bingo ~ Alpha Stamp funnness!

Want a change to win Teri's lovely shrine?  Well you can by entering the Think Pink!  Alpha Stamps FB challenge. 

What: "Anything goes" art challenge! (But must incorporate something from Alpha Stamps.) Anyone can play. Any media is allowed, too (jewelry, collage, mixed media, scrapbook page, etc. Digital layouts are ok, too).

But needs to incorporate something PINK! (The pink thing does not need to be from Alpha Stamps.) Maximum 3 entries per person.

When: Deadline is Tuesday night at midnight (PST), May 15, 2012

How: Post photos right here to the wall of our Facebook Fan Page.

Who Picks: Fans will then have a chance to vote for their favorites by hitting the "like" button on all of their favorite pieces. Winner will be the one with the most "likes" by Friday night, May 18th.

Why? You could win Teri Calia's Scalloped Shrine! More photos and info on the kit Teri used to make her shrine:

On top of the chance to win Teri's art I've offered my fan up as a prize on the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group

We are playing a round of Bingo.  So come join in the fun!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Marie themed Fan ~ Alpha Stamps Swap

 A few weeks ago I shared my 1920's Fan that I made for Alpha Stamps.  Well all fronts have to have a back, this is what I put on the reverse side. 

Leslie, the wonder woman behind Alpha Stamps created a new Marie themed Collage Sheet and I just had to use it. 

These are just a few of the images.  you can see them all in the Alpha Stamps Gallery.  But the best part is you can join in on the Fan Swap.  All the details are HERE but you have to hurry because sign ups end April 15th.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Love Letter ~ A COF Journal

Somehow in all the hubub that has been going on I neglected to share the entry I created for Sandi's Round Robin Journal. 

Sandi asked us to write a letter to someone, anyone and create an envelope.  This journal showed up shortly after my grandmother passed away and it was very hard for me to even look at it because many of the entries were to deceased family members.  On top of that I am not an overly affectionate person and sharing feelings is difficult for me.

After a while of trying to ignore the journal I finally came up with an idea, which I must admit was inspired because it was Valentines day.  I decided to write my family, hubby and two little ones valentines. 

I tried to make the envelope match as best I could. 

And here are the pages side by side.  I am very pleased with the result and that I deviated from what had been done thus far.  I hope Sandi enjoys it!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dreamhunter Read Along ~ 1st Winner!

It's been one week since I announced my next read along and I am thrilled with the level of interest!  I can't wait to get started but before that happens I have a copy of the book to give away to one lucky winner.  I used Randomizer to select the winner.


Congratulations!  e-mail your address and I'll post the book on Monday.