Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hidden Skeleton Haunted House with Tutorial

 September is all about Haunted Houses over at Alpha Stamps.  This months Haunted House Kit is filled with spectacular goodies to make your very own.
Y'all know I loves me some Halloween art!
 I went back to some of my old ways and favorite crafting tools, ICE Resin.  
HERE is an old tutorial on how I created the cut outs (windows and skeleton opening) and filled them with Resin.   
 The window features an image from the A Witchy Encore Collage Sheet.  She is backed with a bit of decorative paper so she shows pretty when looking from the other side.  Iridescent micro beads are sprinkled onto the surface of the resin to try to make the "glass" look older.

To create the window frame I added Textured Sand Paste to a Black Chipboard Window Frame.  Let that dry, meanwhile I made the window arch (not really an arch and alas using a sold out mold, sorry. Something from the Architectural Flourishes would work.) and then painted everything. 
 Now, my favorite bit, what could be spookier than a Skeleton hiding in your walls!?!
The same resin method was used for this cut out, except I added a bit of silver pearl ex powder.  
I used the smallest skeleton from the Skeleton Chipboard Set.  Painted him white, Picket Fence Distress paint, (boy that was stark, seriously who has a bleached skeleton in their walls?) so added some cream, then brushed on some Pumice stone distress paint, and peeled paint distress paint.  

I just wanted him to peek through so I covered the entire house with wood siding (Going for that creepy Victorian look).  I cut them out of a dark green piece of matte board (1/4" wide) then I brushed on a layer of cream and dusted them with Vintage Photo Distress Ink, To add a bit more aging along the edges/bottoms of the slats I swiped Vintage Photo Distress Stain along the edges and rubbed it in/around with my finger.  When I glued the prepared slats down I cut them and spread them out a little to expose the skeleton.
The attic window has a spider web image from the Black and White Halloween Boarders Transparency collage sheet.  The owl embellishment was created using the Birds and Butterflies Silicone Mold and for the window frame I used the Ornaments and Settings Silicone Mold.
This is what inspired the entire project!  I wanted to make this roof!  
So, if you're counting, I have 7 embellishments on this project using various molds.  I did not have weeks to wait for resin to dry or paper-clay to air, so I used hot glue.  Yep all those embellishments were done in a matter of minutes.  

Here is a tutorial on how easy this technique is and many uses for the embellishments.

To make the project stand, so I could put a candle behind it and light up the windows, I created a base to connect a dowel rod to and added two zombies.  They are filled with sand to act as counter weights because all that matte board and hot glue embellishments is a bit heavy.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
I hope you enjoyed the piece and that the tutorial was helpful.

For a complete list of all the wonderful Alpha Stamps supplies I used  go HERE.