Saturday, July 11, 2015

Odessa Grim's Spell Book

With a little help from the Alpha Stamps July Kit, Odessa Grim created her one of a kind super secret Book of Spells.
Odessa knows that Halloween/Magic Potions aren't for everyone.  This kit is chocked full of charms, some that are Halloween, but others that can be used for just about anything.
Odessa, being a good witch covered her book (a small hinged tin.) in Faux Suede Sheets.  The thought of covering it in human skin made her toes curl.  All spell books need to close so Odessa used a mix of alcohol inks (pitch black, gold and an assortment of browns) to mask the silver of the tin.  She did not water these paints down, used them at full strength, just drip them on.  She needed the full power that the deep color provided.

 To create the label Odessa used some of her specially tea died fabric (you know, the same fabric she weaves protective baby blankets out of) ironed it onto butchers paper and ran it through the printer (after all she is a modern Witch).  Witchcraft is not for everyone, so try these Colorfast Sew-In inkjet sheets if the home brewed formula isn't for you.  After printing your phrase cut it off and then add inks/dies to grunge it up.
Odessa cast an Extension Charm, yes, she learned it from Hermione, so that the inside of her book held more than just pages with spells.  She has shelves for her healing potions (Amber Resin potion bottles, green resin perfume bottles, tiny white turquoise skull beads) and even a place for her familiar, Venus, to hide in (complete supply list link provided at end of post).
Odessa's spell book folds out of the right side of the tin.  Pages and pages filled with celestial spells (Alchemical Spheres Collage Sheet) and healing potions.  
But her book couldn't just be simple pages, her pages fold out and down and are chocked full of little notes and splashed (Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst sprays - Mermaid seashells) with spells she has created for the greater good.
It doesn't end there though, Odessa has an entire library hidden at the back of her spell book covering safe travel, how to uncover the truth, blessings for the home and many many more.

Odessa's go to store for all her witch-crafting necessities is Alpha Stamps and here is her complete supply list for this particular project.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out Odessa's Spell Book.  She will watch out for you and keep you from all evils.