Monday, August 29, 2016

Ever After 2016 Art Class

 I took a leap this summer and decided to join Tamara Laporte's Ever After Class.  This is my first ever online art class and my first ever faces class.  I have to say that I am thrilled with this class.
The above photo is the class taught by the uber talented Annie Hamman.  We were to follow her instruction video and create what you see above (her's was a bit different, well, a lot different, but I tried).  She is all acrylics.
After each class we are supposed to take what we have learned and make it ours.  This is my interpretation of the fairy tale Snow White.  
I used an image I found on Pinterest as my inspiration.  I tried to follow the image to get to the photographer's info but alas It leads down a rabbit hole.

I still have a lot to learn, but I am quite tickled with myself, after all I have never drawn or painted anything like this before.  

I am having so much fun that I have signed up for Annie Hamman's Soulful Story Art Class.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mermaid Cabana Totem

What more do I need to say?  
 Mermaids don't have their cabanas all in a row (Cabana row house set), theirs go up, like sea grass and coral reefs.  
Inside their cabanas they not only change their tops but also put on their legs.  That's right, this cabana is run by Ursula!  
The entire piece is built on top of a piece of wood covered in sand.  Pieces from the Seaside Doors and Windows Set help make these little houses look like they are being used.
 Once the mermaids (Chipboard Mermaid Miniatures) change they can be seen swimming all around.
 The mermaids are painted solid black so that they stand out.  Fish from the Fishtales Collage sheet swim all around the cabanas with them.
 I used a bunch of paints to create the stripes and paint the bits and pieces.  To mute the paint tones I brushed a big of Vintage Photo distress Ink all over the cabanas.
 In addition to the doors and windows bits from the Seaside Decor and beach umbrellas chipboard set help decorate the cabanas.  
  Images from the Bathing Beauties #3 Collage sheet and Beauties by the Sea Collage Sheet peek out from behind the windows.
The roofs are made from Natural Raffia.
Surrounding the entire piece are palm trees.  Yes,  I know there are no palm trees on the bottom of the Ocean but in Ursula's world there are.
To top the entire totem, a lone miniature white beach chair is perched, from here Ursula can watch all that happens in her domain.

Once again Alpha Stamps has out done themselves with this fun kit!
Thanks so much for stopping by, now go hang by the pool because it is one hot day!