Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Parade of Masks

Put on that ball gown, slip on your glass slipper and hail that coach because it's time to head to the masked ball.
Over at Alpha Stamps everyone is getting their masks ready to go.
Complete Supply list HERE.
My artwork suffers from a mild case of multiple personality disorder, so I've made not one mask but three.  
Feathers, oh how I love feathers!  
 What could be better than feathers with flowers and gold lace?  
Speaking of Gold, how about an entire mask of gold!?!  
Little secret, this one is my least favorite and it was headed to the trash once I finished wrapping up this project.  We had company over and they brought their 12 year old daughter who fell in love with this.  So it has a good home now and her love for it made me like it a bit more.  
I went to town with the liquid pearls on this one.  I used Mermaid and white opal here, but I must have one of every color.  So scrumptious!  To get a more even colored look I painted the chipboard before applying the liquid pearl in coordinating colors.  You don't want chipboard brown showing through.
Flowers and seam binding.  Y'all know how much I love those goodies.  Strange that I could use all my favorite items and end up not loving the result, oh well.  
I tried to make flower clusters out of the rhinestones.  They kinda turned out.  The two colors I used are aquamarine, for the petals, and peridot for the center.
Mask number three is my oldest daughter's favorite.  She has insisted on a stick (not shown in photos) so she can hold it like a true carnavalian.  
One of my all time favorite supplies from Alpha Stamps has been their mini star sequins.  Mix those with flowers, chipboard flourishes  and silver leafed metal bits and voila!
A note on the feather flourishes, you will need to purchase two sets to get multiples of each design.  Here I have used the same design but have them flipped differently.
The silver bit is a decorative metal piece that I coated in silver gilding flakes.  Just paint on some of the adhesive and then place the silver leaf down working it into all the little nooks and cranes.  It looks amazing in person, wish it looked accurate in photographs.

Now the question is which one should I wear first?!?
Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you have a wonderful time at your ball!