Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Queen of Hearts Deck of cards Case

 Where do all the Queen of Hearts Red knights go when not on duty?  Simple, into her Deck holder. 
I love Alice in Wonderland and right now so does Alpha Stamps!  There kit this month is Alice in a Tin. I've done Alice tins before but I think this one is my favorite, because it is functional. 
All the supplies I used can be found HERE.
Of course the Queen of Heart starts her day by ordering the White Rabbit to call all her Red Knights to duty. 
 She spies white flowers among her prized red roses on the trellis by her bedroom window which  incenses her. 
 Of course her run in with a girl named Alice is still fresh on her mind making her burn with fury deep inside her evil gut. 
 After all Alice helped her idiotic Red Knights paint the white roses red.  What kind of nincompoop aids in such a vile act?
 They must be punished and put away.
 Inside two altoid tin bottoms hinged together using the Altoids Tin Book Covers with a minor alteration to the spine to make it wider is where the Red Knights will be kept. 
 A mini collage of all things Queen of Hearts fills one tin.  Looked over by miniature playing cards.
The Red Knights tuck themselves away in their red velvet bed until the Queen of Hearts calls on them again tomorrow.  

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N FL Lou said...

I think this is the 150ith anniversary of the Wonderland book. Through the Looking Glass came later with a little older Alice. That's why retailers are going Alice crazy. Sadly, it should settle down next year. Maybe there'll be some hoopla for the Looking Glass anniversary. Truth be told, I'm particularly fond of Through the Looking Glass. BTW, you've done Alice right!